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Invoicing And Payments

P&G Invoicing Methods

We are committed to making payments as quickly and efficiently as possible. As such, we want to inform you about the various invoicing methods available for you to do business with P&G.

P&G supports many paperless invoicing methods as well as paper. While we realize that every supplier is different, we strongly recommend that you use the most appropriate e-invoicing option for your company before resorting to paper

E-invoicing Can:

  • Accelerate invoice receipt
  • Enable full visibility and tracking of invoice status
  • Eliminate lost invoices thus reducing the potential for delayed payment
  • Reduce cost of sending invoices
  • Support environmental “green” sustainability goals

The table below summarizes all invoicing methods and helps you select the best invoicing option for your company.Use the criteria listed on the left side to understand which option best suits your need. Click on each box to find more information about each method – overview, enrolling process, and cost structure when applicable.

The table is from a buying P&G Legal entity point of view only. The ‘Country’ dimension in the table is referring to the country where the purchasing P&G Legal entity is VAT registered. Suppliers need to perform their own due diligence to assess if the proposed invoicing solutions are meeting their specific relevant country requirements as well.

This table depicts the invoicing methods available for paperless countries. If the country you are looking for is not listed in the table, it is not a “paperless country” and you must submit paper invoices.

(Note: this table may not be visible on mobile devices)

P&G is going through a Procurement optimization which includes the implementation of a purchasing solution, Coupa for indirect (non-Material Requirement Planning) goods and services. Coupa will be used by P&G to send purchase orders and to receive invoices electronically from suppliers. For further information/onboarding around Coupa Supplier Network go to this Link. For additional details regarding the P&G Coupa deployment, please send an email to the following regional IONs: pgsuppliercoupa.im@pg.com (North America), coupasupplierLA.im@pg.com (Latin America), coupaasia.im@pg.com (Asia), CoupaEurope.im@pg.com (Europe) and coupaimea.im@pg.com (India, Middle East Africa)

The chart in this Link contains all available invoicing methods for “Coupa-P&G” suppliers depending on the combination of suppliers’ country and P&G buying locations’ country.

For a Coupa Overview go to: www.coupa.com/e-procurement/innovations/supplier-network

For a Coupa invoicing tutorial go to: success.coupa.com?cid=supplier-getting-started

For additional help in identifying the invoicing option best suited for your needs, click on the button to use the interactive wizard. The wizard is designed to be used to determine the most suitable invoicing method for your use per Country. If you invoice too many different regions, we recommend you use the wizard multiple times for each country where the purchasing P&G legal entity is VAT registered to best understand the most suited method for you. You may want to consider using a method supported by most countries of interest. However, you may end up having to use more than one invoicing methods for different countries even if the purchasing P&G Legal Entity is the same.

Please note: Though the matrix and/or the wizard will help you with identifying a suitable invoicing method, you will need to meet certain invoicing requirements based on local legislation. Please see the interactive map below to identify country specific invoicing requirements.

Need expert help? Please contact the Accounts Payables Customer Response Centre

P&G Invoicing Requirements and Country Specifications

In order to enable P&G to pay your Company on time:

  • Your Invoices and credit notes must meet all relevant country, legal, tax and P&G requirements.
  • If your invoices and credit notes do not meet all legal, tax requirements, and P&G requirements, P&G will return these invoices or credit notes to you. P&G will explain the reason why your invoice or credit note cannot be processed at this time and will provide a contact to our call center in case you have further questions.
  • You will be asked to resubmit your invoice or credit note once it is compliant with these requirements.
  • Payment terms will begin when P&G receives a compliant invoice or credit note.
  • To reduce delays that could affect the invoice payment process, it is critical that you submit invoices and credit notes to the correct mailing address. These can be found by selecting your Region and Country in the interactive map below.

Use the interactive global map below to help identify the P&G Country specific invoicing requirements and invoice mailing instructions. The mailing instructions will typically depend on the P&G Legal Entity VAT ID being used. Selecting the relevant country requirement can depend on "what is being sold" and on the supplier/customer VAT status. If needed, suppliers should obtain proper tax advice.

How to Check the Status of Your Invoice

P&G has simplified how you can access real-time invoice status information.

You have several options to check the status of invoices:
1. Use Simple Invoice Status to check the basic status of a single invoice without logging on to P&G’s supplier portal.
2. Get comprehensive invoice and payments status information by using the Invoice Status app

Click here if you need help in navigating the Invoice Status APPs.

P&G Payment Terms Strategy

  • P&G has a target maximum payment terms of 120 days for all external business partners domiciled outside of the European Union where legally permitted. For external business partners domiciled within the European Union, P&G’s standard payment terms are 75 days. In every country where there are restrictions, P&G will abide by those.
  • Payment terms will be applied as contractually agreed with each supplier when P&G receives a compliant invoice from the supplier. For external business partners enrolled in a digital invoicing platform, Payment Terms will begin on the date of the invoice.
  • Invoices due on a weekend or on a local holiday, will always be settled on the following workday.

If you need more information on P&G Payment Terms, please contact your P&G Purchasing Contact.

P&G Payment Receiving Methods

P&G's preferred payment method is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). With EFT, payments can be electronically deposited utilizing ACH (Automated Clearing House) or other electronic payment types, directly into your company's designated bank account; generally within 2- 5 working days. In case you want to update your bank information, please contact the Accounts Payable Customer Response Centre.

Check the status of a single invoice without logging on to P&G's supplier portal


Dear Supplier, did you know that issues with payment are caused in most of the cases due to your Banking Information or general data not being duly updated in our Supplier Master Data (VMD)?
Now you can access directly to our central Aravo online tool to maintain your data:
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