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COVID-19 Bulletin – Apr 3, 2020

Around the world, P&G people are evaluating how we can be of service to the communities who desperately need help. We’re in this together and working side-by-side with retail customers, suppliers, agency partners and government officials to do our part.


  • P&G’s CEO visits White House to highlight efforts during the pandemic

    On Monday, March 30, 2020, P&G Chairman & CEO David Taylor talks about the work P&G people are doing to keep everyday essentials on the shelves, our efforts to respond to the critical needs of the brave men and women dealing with this unprecedented challenge in health care facilities, and find synergies with other companies responding to this challenge.


  • P&G has started production of hand sanitizer in five manufacturing sites

    We are expanding manufacturing capacity further in additional facilities in the coming weeks and will have a capacity of at least 45,000 liters per week when fully operational. The hand sanitizers will not only be used by our people but will also be shared with hospitals, health authorities and relief organizations.


  • P&G to make critically needed, face masks in nearly dozen sites

           China is already up and running while sites in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa will quickly begin production in the coming weeks. This is important 1) to create a safe working environment for P&G people, 2) increase the supply for hospitals, first responders and other organizations and 3) allow us to directly help many communities where there is unprecedented need for protective supplies.


Thank you for all you are doing in support to the P&G’s business, our consumers, customers, and collective organizations. P&G is in the business to provide essential goods to consumers and our partnership is more important than ever ensure the timely deliveryof our products that are critical to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to help our consumers maintain proper hygiene, personal health and healthy home environments. We appreciate all your efforts to keep the employees in your organizations healthy and safe.

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