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Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for External Business Partners

The Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for External Business Partners explain the global standards to be followed in your daily business activities on behalf of P&G. External business partners and their suppliers are expected to share P&G’s commitment to these standards.

P&G reserves the right to conduct audits to assure compliance with these guidelines and also reserves the right to discontinue any relationship should the external business partner violate, fail to correct, or have a pattern of violating these guidelines

Over the last two years, we have performed over 450 Social Audits, covering roughly 0.5% of our Supply Base in a given year, leveraging SMETA methodology to ensure compliance with our Responsible Sourcing Guidelines, with a focus on High Risk industries and geographies. We have plans to expand and accelerate our process in the future.

Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

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Responsible Sourcing Guidelines Compliance Guide